How to use ClientDocx

ClientDocx allows Sound Estate Planning clients, who are enrolled in the Estate Plan Maintenance Program, to securely store account information, important documents, and grant secure access to designated family members and advisors. Participating clients can access ClientDocx by selecting the ClientDocx “button” below the blue bar on the homepage. You will then be redirected to the Login page. Please refer to the following instructions to initiate and use your secure online vault.

Initial Login

You need a client number and a password to access ClientDocx.

Client Number. We will email or mail (at your direction) your client number to you. Your client number will not change.

Initial Password. We will verbally communicate your initial password. You will then reset the password upon first logging into ClientDocx. Once you change your password, no one but you can access your ClientDocx account.

Using ClientDocx

You are able to update your personal information, store online account information, and manage documents. The following items outline the basic functions and parameters of the ClientDocx system:

Personal Information Tab. Contact information is required for a primary user and may be added for a secondary user. Login Information is located at the bottom of the screen. This is where you reset your password.

Online Accounts Tab. This feature allows you to store information for your other online accounts in Client Docx (e.g., URL, Username, Password and any special notes or instructions for those accounts).

Documents Tab. You can upload and store important documents under this tab. While we highly recommend that you begin with your estate plan documents, you can add others as well. All documents you upload must be in portable document format (“pdf“) form and may be removed at your choosing. We have created categories (or file drawers) for your use. In addition, you can add additional organization levels by utilizing the “Description” feature.

Docx for Attorney Tab. This feature allows you to send documents to Sound Estate Planning more securely than through email. Documents must be in pdf format and smaller than 14 MB.

ClientDocx Renewals. Before the renewal date set forth in your Estate Plan Maintenance Program, Sound Estate Planning will send a renewal notice that allows you to continue your ClientDocx account as part of the annual Program. If you choose to renew the Program, you will need to return the renewal notice with the required fee to Sound Estate Planning.

Lost Password. If you lose your password, please contact us and we can assist you in obtaining access to your account.

If you have any questions, comments, or need assistance with your ClientDocx account, please contact us at 425-967-7287 or