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“I highly recommend attorney Len Hagen for estate planning services. My husband and I just finished working with him to create our estate plan. I am very pleased with every aspect of our experience, beginning with the initial meeting to his delivery of our completed estate plan documents. He was very congenial to work with, very knowledgeable of estate law, thorough, and exceptionally well organized. All in all, this experience with Len Hagen at Sound Estate Planning far exceeded my highest expectations.”
Ann F.
“My husband and I needed to update our wills. We selected Len Hagen at Sound Estate Planning. The total experience exceeded our expectations. He was local, extremely solicitous about our wishes, clear about costs, was articulate about explaining legalese, and was very organized. He invited us to include our beneficiaries in the final delivery of the updated wills, which was very beneficial to us! We feel very protected and comfortable about our estate plans. We will and have recommended his service highly.  Thank you, Len!”
Erma S.


“We met with Leonard on three separate occasions to update our Will and set up A trust. We had the most excellent service from Leonard. He is very knowledgeable and easy to understand. He walked us through everything and was very patient and answered all questions.  When we sat down with him to receive our completed portfolio, we were very impressed with how professional the paperwork was put together and how he walked through every section.  When we left we both commented how we have such a sense of relief and are so happy that we did this for ourselves and for our son.  We definitely recommend Leonard. We are set up with him on a yearly basis for him to check in on us. It is very comforting to know that he is going to be there for us.”
 Kim N.

"Len did such a great job of assessing our situation and explaining his recommendations. He helped us feel confident in our decisions.  He was incredibly efficient with the process.  At the end of the process, he was very thorough about explaining what we would need to do with our insurance policies, investment accounts, retirement plans, etc. providing exact language for each scenario. We took advantage of the annual maintenance plan as we know our situation will change regularly in the coming years as our kids grow older and move out of the house. Really great experience all together. Thanks Len!"
Jody M.

"It was a true pleasure working with Len to update and restate our Family Trust.  He was extremely competent, thorough, considerate, professional, and helpful throughout the whole process.  He explains options and consideration very well and we'd highly recommend him to anyone looking to begin or update their estate planning."
Randy K.

"Len is a true class act. He prepared a will for our family, which included some estate planning. He was extremely thorough, knowledgeable and best of all, he was very friendly and able to relay all the complex legal terms so that they were easily understandable. As an experienced tax accountant, Len is the best estate planner in the Greater Seattle Area that I've run into. A true 5 out of 5 stars."
Kevin C.

"We were very happy with the thorough job Len did creating our revocable living trust.  After putting this off for years, we finally took the important step of having our wishes put down on paper and legalized.  Len did a wonderful job of explaining the various options we had and helping us choose the right solution for us.  We highly recommend him."

  Peggy D.

"Leonard has done an excellent job with our family estate planning.  He is organized, calm and certainly service oriented. We all feel we are in good hands. I will recommend him to our clients moving forward."

  Brooke B.

“As recent transplants to Washington after a multitude of corporate career moves, we consider ourselves very fortunate to have met Len when we needed to completely update our family trust. He's a great listener with a solid understanding of his subject matter, a thoroughly pleasant personality and he produced a meticulous and highly professional final product. He presented all our options in a very clear manner, guided us through the various options that worked best for our family and we now have a great binder containing all our important information in one place. Thank you Len.”

  Tony G.

"We just want to let others know what a blessing it was to work with Len.  He has a calm personality and he is very knowledgeable in his field.  This was the first time when consulting with a lawyer that we felt sure of what we were doing. That was because Len explained everything we needed to know thoroughly and showed us diagrams that accompanied what we were wanting to accomplish.  Would recommend his business to anyone."

  Chuck and Rose C.

"Len is fantastic! You should be honored and feel fortunate to have found him. He recently walked myself and my parents through separate but similar estate plans and now we have the confidence going forward that upon our passing, our financial affairs will be easily handled for the betterment of our remaining family.  Len's calm demeanor and genuine personality make the subject matter of finances after death seem not so grim to discuss. It's important work and Len handles it perfectly. Thank you Sir!"

  Travis C.

"Len was fantastic!  My wife & I are transplants from the Midwest and we were looking for a lawyer to get our affairs in order just in case of the unthinkable.  Len spent as much time as necessary to explain our options and then all the documents he drafted.  He was also quick to get the documents prepared for us and everything was ready in just a matter of days with no mistakes.  I highly recommend Len for all your estate planning needs."

  Brian B.

"For the first time I can remember, I'm not worried about how things will be handled if my husband or I were to pass away.  We have a 'modern' family dynamic with a lot of considerations.  Len was able to break it down into manageable pieces and explain our options in a way that made absolute sense.  We felt we were making (for the first time) informed decisions.  Len helped us prepare thorough, thoughtful and creative estate planning, created a family trust for us, and helped me determine ways to best protect my business as well.  He has the ability to un-complicate very complicated estate planning rules and regulations.  Follow up has been excellent as well.  We couldn't be happier with the service from start to finish and highly recommend Len's services."

  Jodi H.

"Len is GREAT!  With a business, multiple properties and blended family, we needed help.  We had a solid understanding of our goals but no idea of how to construct a plan to achieve.  Len is wicked smart, professional and prompt.  He did a great job of simplifying an incredibly complex plan."

  Jon H.

"Sound Estate Planning came highly recommended by many professionals that I've worked with.  Since I am in a profession with high risk patients, I needed to incorporate asset protection into my estate planning.  Len meticulously customized a well thought out estate plan for my family that addressed both present and future generation's protection.  Len's level of service and fund of knowledge is exemplary.  He was efficient and very meticulous in constructing an estate plan that fit our needs.  We want to thank Len for making this normally onerous task very easy for us and for being readily accessible during and well after the process.   We sleep better knowing that we have an estate plan that makes sense and actually understand.  Now I can concentrate on taking care of my patients knowing that my family is well protected.  Thank you, Len!"

  Susana S.

"After enduring a couple of family tragedies we knew that updating our wills and estate plan was a vital next step for us.  We had simple, older wills, but Len demonstrated how important it was to account for the changes in tax law and how our lives were dramatically different now than back in the early 2000s when we wrote them.  He produced a detailed notebook that lays it all out and provides instructions should anyone be put in the unfortunate position of having to act on it.  Really, I feel so much better now knowing that our heirs will at least have this bit of organization to protect and guide them."

  Tia S.

"This was our best experience thus far for getting great legal advice.  Len is extremely knowledgeable and a trusted consultant.  Len has an unmatched level of professionalism.   Estate planning can be a cumbersome, confusing and lengthy process.  Len made things look easy and provided undivided attention to me and my wife.  Thank you Len for a great service!"

  Armen A.

"Len Hagen is attentive to the desires of the client.  He listens patiently and carefully before making recommendations, and is clear when laying out options.  He doesn't try to "force" choices that he might prefer, but provides insightful information that allows the client to make the informed choice that is best for him.  His fees are very fair and he doesn't "pad the bill" by looking for ways to charge for extra time.  When I look for legal advice this is exactly what I want - thus the 5 star rating.  I will definitely be availing of Len's services again in the future."

  Bill R.

"My wife and I recently had a child and decided that having an estate plan was a lot more important now that it wasn't just the two of us. Len made the process easy, he answered our questions thoroughly, he was responsive and available, he was understanding and patient, and we couldn't be happier with the resulting estate plan. I could not recommend Len highly enough. He provides an excellent service. Thank you, Len!”

  Justin P.

"Mr. Hagen was highly recommended to me for revision of my will. I was concerned on how to handle specific areas of the will and Mr. Hagen had a great recommendation that will work for my family.  I was impressed with the attention to detail of every aspect of the planning and the meetings to go over the planned will and then the final draft. I was provided with a beautiful blue book with all the documents organized in a table of contents and index tabs for easier access to specific areas.  I am pleased with the high level of service, and attention to detail.  I am using ClientDocx which is a great service that is offered to digitally store my documents and passwords so my family will have immediate access whenever it might be necessary."

  Karen P. 

"Personally, I have known Len Hagen & his family for almost 8 years & when he shared that he was opening his own practice specializing in estate planning, the timing was perfect as I had been wanting for some time to replace my existing Will with a Revocable Living Trust.  Len is a consummate professional - he provided thorough & knowledgeable advice throughout the entire process & has taken the time to follow-up with me several times since to ensure all of my questions were addressed.  I highly recommend Len Hagen / Sound Estate Planning for all of your estate planning needs.  With sincere thanks, Len!”

  Linda M.

"Len did a great job on my estate planning.  He was very thorough and made me aware of several things I hadn't considered.  I highly recommend him.”

  Bruce R.

"My husband and I had been putting off getting our wills in place for far too long. Finally, with Len's help, we have been able to check it off our list and feel like responsible parents! ;) We met with Len twice in person. During both sessions he answered all of our questions and helped us make important decisions together. After all was said and done, we couldn't figure out why we hadn't done it sooner. Len's knowledge and service were invaluable!”

  Melanie A.

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